BearTech aims to provide you with the most secure features and cutting edge technology for your RED BEAR Products. 
We also want to explain to you the technology behind your products and the benefits of it.
RFID Lining - The RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Lining included in your Red Bear Wallets protects you from cyber fraud and theft. With the specialized technology lining between the buffalo leather, we can help stop money and identification being stolen from your contactless cards. 
The special RFID lining blocks RFID Skimming signals from cyber thieves who can steal money from your wallet without you begin aware or even touching you.
This is one of the most advanced methods of theft and with cyber fraud increasing, our protection lets you worry about your every day tasks and become fear free from your money or identification being stolen. 
In 2017 when we started, cyber fraud has cost the UK a staggering £11 billion which averages £210 per person in the UK over 16! Some people still are unaware that this has happened to them or how to stop it happening to them again..........This is why we want BearTech to protect you!
More to come to BearTech soon!!