About Us

We are Red Bear and our aim is to offer high quality, fashionable men's wallets which also offer cutting edge technology to protect and assist you.

Our Founder Mike created Red Bear when he was originally fed up of spending valuable time searching for a good quality and fashionable leather wallet, so thought why not just create my own, but also develop an easy online store to find what you want, quickly. 

By using Buffalo leather opposed to normal cow leather gives Red Bear not only a very strong, long lasting and resilient product but also gives you more of that wilderness feeling the brand portrays. 

The technology additions to the Red Bear products came with personal experiences to Mike. Unfortunately, Mike had money stolen from his wallet via RFID Skimming (Contactless Theft) and only noticed a few days later once he checked his bank account and saw a large sum of money had been taken by an unusual transaction. Luckily, Mike got his money back but thought that this must not just be happening to him, so decided to add one part of 'BearTech' to his Red Bear wallets.